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Welcome to
What can we offer you
- Services on our servers located on fast dedicated lines in Denmark
- FTP access to your home directory for easy file transfer
- One or more background processes for e.g. a bouncer or eggdrop
- Webspace for your webdocuments
- Unlimited MySQL database size
- Webinterface for easy controlling of your account
- Free email support
- Cheap english or danish phonesupport in the daytime
- Cheap setup of the most common bouncers and eggdrop bots
- CGI:IRC webclient access so you can get online anywhere

Why choose us?
- We will provide you the best service and support possible for a very low cost if any
- We are very open-minded for suggestion and offers on special demands
- We have a wide and easy extensible selection of products

What can you run?
- Eggdrop bots
- Bouncers
- Applications requiring MySQL
- Webpages (html/php etc)
- Console IRC client (ircII, BitchX, irssi etc)
- Screenable applications (Make the apps be resumeable)
- And a lot more...

Best regards the Team
+ 2015-07-28 12:30 +
Unplanned downtime due to hardware issues
We suffered from some hardware issues earlier today, which caused some downtime.
The issue has been resolved.
Sorry for the downtime.
+ 2015-06-12 13:34 +
Scheduled maintenance 2015-06-14
We will be performing emergency maintenance this Sunday 14/6-2015 on all our equipment.
Our servers will be moved psysically, and a few hardware upgrades will be done.

+ 2015-04-20 23:08 +
Emergency maintenance 2015-04-20 23:59 - 04:00
Due to emergency power maintenance, our equipment will experience some dropouts during the above period.
No servers should be restarted during the maintenance, only networking equipme...
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